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Smile Designing and Appearance Related Dentistry
It is the art and science of creating the most attractive smile for a patient, a smile that best matches the patient’s face and lips. It can include many of the procedures described below.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth are safely whitened using a power bleaching procedure. 1-2 sittings are usually required. Bleaching products are also available for home use. 

These are thin, very aesthetic coatings that are placed on the front of teeth to dramatically improve the aesthetics of these teeth. They can be made of composite resin or high quality ceramic. With veneers, a few days is all it takes to get that picture perfect smile that will last for years.

Alignment of Crooked Teeth without Braces
Minor to moderate mal–alignment of teeth can be aesthetically corrected using veneers or crowns. These are especially popular with teeth that are protruding or intruded, overlapping teeth, rotated teeth or teeth that have spaces in between them.

Closing gaps in between Teeth
Unsightly gaps between teeth can be closed with the help of composite fillings or ceramic veneers. Both of these match natural teeth well and can very aesthetically close spaces. This is a good alternative for patients who do not desire braces.

Correction of a Gummy Smile
An attractive smile can often be ruined with too much gum showing. A gummy smile is easily corrected by a minor surgical procedure to remove the excess gum, hence restoring teeth back to their ideal height. 

Dental Jewelry
Teeth can be adorned with crystals for an extra dazzling smile.
These crystals are safely bonded onto the teeth and can be easily removed without damaging tooth structure.  

Theatrical Dentistry
Teeth can be given certain characteristics to suit a certain roles. For example, teeth can be made to appear aged and discolored or a smile can be made to look cruel.

Laboratory Support
We are partnered by 2 of India’s leading dental labs. These labs have been responsible for creating the ceramic work in many of the attractive smiles we see in the media. The ceramics used are imported and the workmanship is excellent. At Dental Innovations, these labs help to create our crowns & bridges, veneers, dentures and other high quality restorations that are both esthetic and long lasting.

We do the finest quality bonded composite resin fillings, which are teeth coloured and long lasting. The composite material used at our practice is manufactured by the world’s leading dental products manufacturers (3M ESPE, Ivoclar-Vivadent, HereausKulzer) and imported from USA and Germany.The filling procedure is usually painless and normally takes 25 – 35 minutes.

Filling of abraded areas
Often the part of the tooth close to the gum gets sensitive because of gum shrinkage or tooth abrasion from faulty tooth brushing. These areas can be restored with fillings, thus forming a sort of ‘artificial enamel’ layer, thus reducing sensitivity and protecting the abraded area.    


Root Canal Therapy is done on teeth which have deep cavities or infection that has spread into the root or pulp of the tooth. It may also be indicated for teeth which require dramatic changes in shape or position. Our Root Canal procedures are carried out under local anaesthesia and are normally painless. We offer Root Canal Treatments which can be completed in a single visit. Most teeth that are Root Canal treated require to be crowned.



We offer crowns in full porcelain or porcelain fused to regular / precious metal.  The full porcelain (metal free) crowns are very aesthetic, high-strength crowns and can be placed on front or back teeth.We are well experienced in high quality porcelain restorations. Similarly, missing teeth can be replaced with porcelain bridges.




An implant is a permanent fixed replacement for missing teeth using a titanium insert. Implants can be used to replace single or multiple teeth. The placement of a single implant takes approx. 45 minutes. With proper care, these implants can last a lifetime. Our implants are imported from USA and Germany.


Ultrasonic Cleaning

For overall dental health, a professional cleaning should be carried out every six months. This helps to remove deposits from the teeth and keeps gums in a continuous healthy state. We offer ultrasonic cleaning and polishing. 

Gum Surgery
This may be required in cases of advanced gum disease. We provide deep curettage, flap surgeries, reduction of gummy smile and other related procedures.
Fluoride Application
Scientifically proven to reduce the incidence of cavities, fluoride application is recommended for children between the ages of 6-13. It needs to be carried out every six months for maximum effectiveness.

Pit and Fissure sealants are used to protect vulnerable areas on teeth, where cavities have a high chance of forming. The sealants fill in the deep grooves on the tooth, thus preventing food and bacteria from getting stuck. Sealants are an effective cavity prevention measure.
Wisdom teeth are often stuck inside the jaw bone. When they erupt they may come out only partially and out of alignment. Pain and infection related to the wisdom tooth can be serious. In such cases, wisdom teeth have to be removed by a minor surgical procedure.

Braces are used to correct the position of teeth and jaws. They are available as fixed or removable braces. We offer braces in metal and ceramic. We are one of the 1st clinics in Mumbai to introduce the Self Ligating Braces (from 3M ESPE) which enables a shorter treatment time and fewer appointments. We are also one of the few clinics in India that do Invisible Braces with the following options:Lingual Orthodontics where the braces are completely invisible and Aligner Method where custom-made transparent trays are used to straighten teeth. Orthodontics can be done for children and adults. The ages of our Orthodontic patients range from 8 years to 50 years.


Intra oral xrays are taken for diagnostic and treatment purposes.


Dental Innovations goes that extra mile to see our patients smile. We offer the following value added services to our patients:

Appointment Confirmation
Prior to your appointment, our office will call / message you to remind you about it.

Recall & Reminders
We are true believers in preventive care. There is overwhelming proof that regular check ups and cleaning (in adults) and regular fluoride applications (in children) lead to healthier mouths. We have a recall system which reminds you that it’s time for your check up or a follow up dental treatment.

We show patients pictures of various treatments including before and after pictures. We often photographically record cases so that patients can see for themselves, the difference that the treatment has made to their smile or teeth.

Real-time viewing of your teeth
The intra-oral camera gives the patient a close up view of what’s happening inside his/her mouth.

We give patients literature and reading material on a variety of dental issues depending on their needs. Patients can request additional information on any dental topic and we will email the necessary information to them.

Special Programs
Very often, we offer our patients an additional benefit. It could be a discount coupon, complimentary fluoride application for your children, a special offer on teeth whitening or even a gift for a child patient. We like adding additional value to our treatments.

Relaxed Dentistry
During your treatment you may like to watch some music videos or pictures that help you relax. Children can watch cartoons.  You can ask for a blanket for your feet. We do all we can to help you relax on the chair. 

Single Visit Dentistry:
We know that repeated dental visits can take up a lot of your time. We offer appointments of longer duration for patients who would like to complete as much treatment as is possible in a single visit. We do advise patients to book these appointments well in advance.

This is specially useful for
• Single sitting Root Canal Therapy
• Simple Smile Designing
• Multiple Cavity Fillings
• Teeth Whitening
• Full Mouth Cleaning & Polishing.

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